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Adeline Martins

Posted by PROPRY Ltd. on July 4, 2017
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Top Places to Cycle in Catalonia 

Barcelona is great – everyone knows that. I love the city and have been five times now. What I’ve recently come to realise though, is how awesome the surrounding region of Catalonia is too. If you’ve done the obligatory cycle trip of Barcelona and now want to spread your wings and get some speed up, there are plenty of routes just a few hours outside the city for you to try.

I recently went on a cycle tour in Catalonia to experience some of the countryside routes for myself. I found vineyards, marshlands, wetlands, easy routes, harder routes, cool little towns, vista-rich bridges and amazing caves to cycle through.

I’ve listed how to get to Barcelona and back via public transport after each route. Of course, it’s easier to get a mate who doesn’t want to cycle to bring a car and pick you up and drop you off, but where’s the fun in that?

⦁ Discovering Columbus in Pals
⦁ Green Ways Girona
⦁ Poblet to Montblanc
⦁ Benifallet to Bot
⦁ Cycling the Ebro Delta

So, enjoy!

Adeline Martins is a Traveler/Renter and a great contributor of publications on experiences and destinations.